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Scat, from m, is a scatological shock image showing a man sex czat ruletka polska and a woman with feces all over their buttocks and genitals.
Follow the plot and learn some Russian along the way.The background music was "On the Good Ship, Lollipop".Both of these pages are no longer functional, instead simply displaying the text "Site not found.M displays an old (or digitally altered to create the impression of sepia tone picture of five men engaged in the act of fornication.G shows the g, the m picture, two Harlequin Fetus pictures, other gap.Edit Other shock sites Stretch (t) is another picture of a man distending his rectum, seemingly almost to the point of prolapse.Org section below for more information on the gif itself) with the text "WE ridin spinnas, ridin spinnas, also cocks" and has the Ridin Spinnas song by Three Six Mafia repeating in the background.The following text was in the page: "Writes the submitter: "Here are some pictures from my police station in XXX.The site was defunct for a number of years, then restored.

Zip pictures, a picture of a man eating feces from another man's anus, an anime scene of a girl cut open and her innards served as some kind of meal, a picture of a man with his face blown off (m's "Motorcycle" picture a closeup.Listen to the Russian alphabet.G shows Goatse, Tubgirl, a syringe injecting feces into a penis (from Adorable Bunnies: Jebus Loves You Wormeye, a dead man with his head crushed (Helicopter from m a dissected penis, a closeup of a vulva afflicted by an STD, and a disfigured hand.Interesting." edit t t first has three images of a woman in a dress (g, g, and g).Lovez and kissez from Zeikfried!" The page at m had a wide, blank image at the bottom of the screen.Edit fo fo was a domain owned by the user known as Method Loser of the Something Awful internet forums.Read the story of English ex-pat Chris and Russian beauty, Irina, which has been written by you.The title of the page is "Our lawyer has informed us that we need a warning.A spoof of the Pain series also exists; it depicts several pictures of Michael Jackson, several pictures of Nokia's N-Gage gaming system, a picture of George.Org This contains a picture of a man eating feces from another man's anus.Org was a website that had several shock images.
The sex chat omsk man with the spinning penis has a tan line indicating he has worn a thong; this has led some to believe that this person is actually a male-to-female transsexual who has not yet undergone sexual reassignment surgery.
If you do open this website, hold down the AltF4 keys in Microsoft Windows, gnome, or KDE, or hit Command-Q in Mac OS or figure out how to use another similar key combination to close your browser.

At the bottom of the page is "Lastmeasure last measure last-measure nero institute which is an attempt to get the page listed under Google.
G is a picture of a person stretching her anus to "goatse" proportions with a table clamp.
It looks to be a video grab as oppose to a picture.